Barzan Aeronautical, LLC is pleased to announce its business operations in the great State of South Carolina, and the beautiful City of Charleston.


"Barzan Aero" is owned by Barzan Holdings, a commercial company owned by the Qatari Ministry of Defense. Qatar is home to U.S. Central Command's forward operating base, and hosts more than 12,000 active duty U.S. military service members. Qatar and the United States are long-standing friends and allies, with strong economic, commercial, and government partnerships that includes working closely together on defense and security matters.


Barzan Aero selected Charleston as its home based on the areas' substantial aeronautical engineering talent and expertise, and the warm and friendly atmosphere that Charleston offers, epitomizing the best in Southern hospitality.


Barzan Aero will be working with major U.S. commercial partners on the development of new defense capabilities, which can be used to support U.S. and coalition military activities, provide border and customs police with new resources, and improve the Coast Guard's search and rescue and environmental  patrol assets.


We look forward to the launch of our formal business operations in May 2019, and the opportunity to create new jobs in the Charleston area, and to join the thriving and vibrant Charleston community.

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